Pre-K – Getting Ready for First Grade!

October 19, 2022

Pre-K is an important transition year when your child leaves the less structured toddler years behind and begins to understand so much more about his or her world! One of your child’s many experiences at Luminous Early Childhood Learning Centers includes a creative curriculum that promotes learning through monthly themes.

Pre-K teachers lead your little student along this amazing journey. Each month, they will introduce a new shape, letter(s), color(s), and a special theme that helps students build the foundation for learning to read and write as they become more aware of the world around them. As a parent, you’ll be amazed by your child’s progress!

What Exactly Will My Child Be Doing in Pre-K?

For example, an October monthly theme could be My Five Senses. Throughout the month, your Pre-K teacher will engage the children in a discussion of the five senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Then, she asks them how they use each sense. She also talks to youngsters about round shapes they commonly see in the fall – like pumpkins, bringing their attention to their orange color, and that the word “pumpkin” starts with the letter and sound “p”.  Children also sing songs and play games that help them retain the new information while having lots of fun!  Staff also make sure to post bright, eye-catching pictures showing pumpkins, the month’s letters and colors, and the five senses in classrooms, all around the school, and in the lobby.

Protect Your Child By Getting Vaccinated

Other samples of creative monthly themes focus on Where We Live, Transportation, Water, Light, Plants, Babies, or Transformation. Each monthly topic is bundled with lessons about the shape, color(s), and letter(s) of the month just as in the October example.

Pre-k is key to preparing your child for first grade. Luminous Early Childhood Learning Centers take the hassle out of arranging for tuition vouchers and help make school affordable. Vouchers can help ease your financial stress – reducing the cost to as little as $1 to $50 dollars per week per child depending on eligibility. Learn more about qualifying for HRA and ACS vouchers at our Bronx and Brooklyn centers. Payment can also be made by SEIU/1199 Child Care, check, credit card, and through the Luminous reimbursement program. Contact Luminous Early Childhood Learning Centers at or call us a 347.963.4160.