We are always welcoming new kids. We are ready when you are! We know you, as a parent, are very busy, so we have an easy and fast enrollment process that will get your baby ready to go in a breeze.

Thank you for your interest in Luminous Early Learning Center! To join Luminous Early Leaning Center, you will need to complete the Application packet and email/ return the finished application form back to us. After we make the offer to your family, a placement notice will be provided to confirm acceptance.


For more details regarding both private-pay and voucher based tuition, you may email our Billing Department at
Billing@Luminouschildcare.org. Or you may call the center of your choice for more information.

Waitlisted Programs

Some of our programs are waitlisted and we encourage interested families to take a tour of the center of their choice and submit an application to join the wait list. The order of the wait lists are based on the date of that the Application Form is received for the month of requested enrollment. Please note that the wait list does not guarantee enrollment, as there are many variables affecting seat availability. Once a wait listed family has been contacted (approximately 1 months prior to their requested start date) they will be provided a placement notice once accepted. For more information, please contact the center you are interested in or email our Enrollment Director at Enrollment.info@luminouschildcare.org.

Request An Application Packet

Use this form to request an application packet: